Friday, August 12, 2011

I recently got married.Me and my hubby r totally opposite in all our acts.He loves me. I am very particular?

abt things to do.I m very disciplined&a perfectionist.Hez vry undisciplined,casual in his behaviour n acts.He acts like a 7yrs old child in any work.I need to tell him everytime do this,do that,dont do this.I dont find any appeal in him or anything in him that cud attract me towards him.I told him all my problems.Even his parents feel he needs to improve a lot&wanted his wife to improve him.He is so casual right from driving,to parking,to getting up, to brushing,to taking bath,eating food etc..List is infinite.Things r though small bt they tell how a person's personality is.But i m pissed up now to tell him same thing again n again every day&keep repeating same thing to do since months.V have opposite views,opposite ways of doing &acting on things.We r no match.Life seems to be hell after marriage.I cry every day.Wat shud I do?I have discussed this wid him n no of times.He says he is trying, but again he is casual.Shud I leave him as i m not happy wid him n also not able2keep him happy

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