Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do u think i have someone wrong with me?

it's hard to just diagnose over the internet what or if something is mentally wrong with someone, but my guess is u have depression which manifests itself into lowered self esteem and sense of self worth which in turn causes the rest of the problems. The biggest thing i can stress is don't use pot and alcohol to treat these problems they only make things worse, you end up dependent on those things to make u feel happy only to make you feel worse than whats usual when you don't have them. But the best advice i can give is go talk to a guidance counseler at school and tell them the problems you've been having, it may be very difficult but it's really important to verbalize these problems to someone who maybe be able to offer clarity and some sort of action to fix these problems. I hope i could offer some help and wish you the best of luck getting through this.

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