Saturday, August 13, 2011

Christians:I have had many people tell me that Witchcraft is bad, but before you answer, read the details...?

I am a Christian. I have many friends who self-identify as witches. Of course, I do not go around saying that it's bad, because I do not believe in denigrating other people's beliefs and practices. Also, I grew up in an area where many people practiced hoodoo, chaos magick, ceremonial magick and many other systems that involved spellcraft, rituals and/or occult studies, and ended up doing some myself. Nothing bad happened to me as a result. (1) Research and personal experience has shown me that it's not bad. (2) A spiritual path focused on bettering society, as well as oneself, is a good thing. (3) I do not look down on other religions, and am active in interfaith endeavors. I have attended many non-Christian services and rites, including quite a few Pagan ones, and have learned a great deal by doing so.

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