Saturday, August 13, 2011

Does he like Me or Her?

So he has a girl who has a child from another man, seems like she controls him a bit and she dresses like a complete **** for a 22yr old mother of a 4yr old. I sent him a txt asking if I could tlk to him and he accepted. We saw each other yesterday and after a lil while of talking he asked me for a hug, so I said yes and from then we just made out until I left. He had tears when he told me he still had feelings for me and wanted to be with me (teared up twice) and he asked why I waited so long to look for him. I dont think he's the type of guy who cheats until now. He would talk about her during our conversation and would say "she finds ways to convince him" obvious cuz she's a slut. He has pics of them on his page even as his default but she doesnt. Only one and the rest are of her son and herself. He put as his status that he misses her but he told me that he doesnt want to leave her cuz he will feel bad ending a relationship and doesn't want to hurt anyone. He used to be a nice huy, very very sensitive. Should I go for it? SHould I just leave it alone? I feel like I'm a second choice. Please just be honest with me

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